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 How to get an Autoresponder using AA & MyAA
Solution An autoresponder is something many directories require. If the directory does not require it, you don't need to have one. Jason developed the MyArticleAnnouncer AR feature to give you a free and easy way to get an AR if the directory requires it. The first two entries on your list of directories are the MyAA AR and the website/article URL. You submit your article to MyAA the same way you do to the other directories (before submitting to the others) to receive your AR and then edit it back into your AA article listing.

Since you make up the AR address, YourTitle@myarticleannouncer.com, you can include that in your AA article info before you submit to MyAA OR you can edit it in after.

Here are the instructions for getting an autoresponder-

To obtain your autoresponder, you enter your article using the “new” article feature in ArticleAnnouncer.

1 - When you fill out the form for your article, make sure you click each “next” button and then the “save” button on the last page, even if you do not fill in the last page.
2 - Click on the “submit articles” at the bottom of the screen
3 - Click on the “select articles” button on the left
4 - Highlight the article you want to submit
5 - Make sure you check the radio button (to directories) at the top of the page and click “submit” to the right of that
6 - Check the box for the MyAA autoresponder (2nd one)
7 - Either click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen, or click the Auto-Fill Form Preview tab at the top of the screen. They both take you to the same place.
8 - It will take you to the MyAA login page. The first time you login to MyAA, remember to click on the “save login info” at the bottom of the page - that way it will automatically fill in your login info in the future.
9 - click on the "autoresponder, mailbox, webpages..." not the think tank forum
10 - click on "my Autoresponders"
11 - click on "add new"
12 - the form should auto-fill your name, any fields that are not filled in are ones that you need to choose what you want to put there, such as the first part of the email address - make sure this is unique to you!

With an AR, there will be blank fields that you need to fill in. You can use the formatted article field name to fill in the "Mail Body" field (the formatting in this window will not look right, but it is correct when sent out), the Article Title for the "Name" field and possibly the "Subject" field, etc.

These fields can be filled in using the semi-auto-fill mode.

SEMI-AUTO-FILL Instructions:
On the article directory submission form, to the left of the MyAA window display, click on the icon with the pad and pencil (under steps 1, 2, 3 near the top of the page - the windows control panel icon)

That will bring up a column on the left. You will see five new little icons under the big pad icon. The mouse-over of the far right one will show the title “semi-auto-fill mode” Click on that icon.

You can read the instructions bar or click on “Article Info”

Click your cursor in the field of the submission form that you want to fill in, then move your cursor to the field name at the left you want to put in that field. Click on the field name and it will fill in the field on the form.

13 - Clisk the "save button at the bottom of the AR page
14 - Within the MyAA AR function, you can go to "set up mail header" if you have something that you always want at the top of every AR article (like your resource or author bio or other lead-in).
15 - You can also "Setup Default Body Text" which is if you want something to appear at the bottom of all your AR's (some people put their resource box here). It will automatically be placed in the "body" field of each "add new" AR window. You can then use the semi-auto-fill as described above to place your article itself above the default information.
16 - Go back to the AA program and edit your article, filling in the AR address if you hadn't already done that before you actually created it.

Those are the steps. If you still encounter a problem, please open a ticket with complete details on what steps you followed so we can look into it.

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